The Role of Relationships in Children’s Use of Technology

Technology and digital media are an integral part of many adults’ lives, and the same is true for many children today. Not long ago, the conversation about digital media and early childhood learning focused on whether or not these new technologies should be part of early childhood education, at home or at school. But in recent years, the conversation has...

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Tanya Baronti shares information about the Check-Out Tech program.

Check-Out Tech Lending Kits Bring Technology to More Classrooms

One of the Fred Rogers Center’s initiatives – Digital Media and Learning – recognizes the presence and influence of digital media and technology in the daily lives of children, families, and educators. We know that when technology tools are used effectively, they can enhance children’s cognitive and social abilities. They can also allow children to explore experiences outside of their...

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35mm color film negative; folder 02-04, neg sleeve125053-C51, neg 24; Life Magazine shoot: WQED studio. The puppets of the Neighborhood of Make-Believe draped over the Neighborhood Trolley tracks in front of King Friday's Castle on the set of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Plugging in with Puppets On-Screen

In a recent e-newsletter for the Fred Rogers Center, early childhood development expert Hedda Sharapan unpacked how and why Fred used puppets with children. He believed that puppets helped adults understand children’s thoughts, feelings, and concerns. Hedda wrote, “Puppets can be powerful learning tools for you [the adult] too. Because they can open the door for some important conversations, they...

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Aunt Sara

Librarians: The Visionaries and Appreciators in Our Neighborhoods

As a young child, Fred frequently visited the Latrobe library to find interesting books and to see Aunt Sara. Aunt Sara was the librarian. Every child who visited called librarian Sara McComb “Aunt Sara” because she knew and appreciated everyone who came in. Libraries were important to Fred, and they continue to be great partners to the Fred Rogers Center....

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35mm color film negative; folder 02-06, neg sleeve 125053-3C32, neg 29a; Life Magazine shoot: WQED studio. A monitor displays a prompt to sing "It's Such a Good Feeling" while filming on the set of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

The Power of Social Networks

I want to tell you something: I wasn’t always in favor of technology and media in early education, and I still am skeptical about much of the media itself and many of its applications in children’s earliest experiences. I know many of you are, too. You worry about how technology and media are changing the fabric of childhood—and with good...

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