Beyond the Sweater and Sneakers

The first things most people think of when Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood is mentioned are the red sweater, the sneakers, the puppets, and the trolley. What a nice feeling of nostalgia. What a nice memory of the hours spent visiting our television neighbor. What a nice sense of comfort. However, for a student who has studied Fred Rogers, accepting this feeling of...

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Fred Rogers takes a pause in swimming to talk with Jeff.

Happiness: Now Available in a Box?

Advertisements ask us to consider products and services and decide whether we need or want them. But do you ever find yourself evaluating the ad itself? Fred Rogers often sang, “You’ve got to look carefully, listen carefully.” Fred lived that advice, and the stories in the Fred Rogers Archive give us insight into how Fred’s observations of the world informed...

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35mm color film negative; folder 02-07, neg sleeve 05C15, neg 21; Life Magazine shoot: Nantucket, Crooked House with neighbors and wife. Fred Rogers looks out over the water while he sits on a board on a Nantucket beach.

Legacies of Caring: Fred Rogers & Rachel Carson

Spring is here at the Fred Rogers Center, and we are so thankful it is not silent. Birds outside our office windows hunt for worms while dandelions pop up everywhere. The Center itself was built with the environment in mind. From our geothermal heating and cooling system, to our energy-efficient lights, we are dedicated to preserving natural resources and being...

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Fred Rogers’ Unfinished Work

In an archival folder dated late 2002, I found this little note. Fred was preparing his commencement address to Dartmouth College (where he had attended as an undergraduate). He jotted down the main idea of his talk on a small piece of stationary from Rollins College (to which he transferred from Dartmouth). This Dartmouth address became one of Fred’s last public speeches....

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JimJudkis reduced

Beyond the Heart-Shaped Box: Lessons on Love from Fred Rogers

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood exudes love. Viewers have warm feelings about the program, even if they have not seen an episode since they were children. The very first researcher to visit the Fred Rogers Archive, when our building opened in 2008, thought that she would start her search with the subject of love. But then she realized her dilemma. “Wait, I...

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LittleBig1 (2)

A “Little and Big” Start to the New Year

The arrival of the new year often sets off a flurry of resolutions as though life will be miraculously different when the clock strikes midnight. Unless you are Cinderella, this moment is far less transformational. Lose weight. Check. Get in shape. Check. Save more for retirement. Check. Be a better friend. Check. Often, these goals are so fixated on the outer...

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Abbey Zorzi Addiction Article shortest

Face of Addiction, Face of Hope

Note from Dr. Junlei Li, Co-Director and Associate Professor: This blog post is written by Abbey Zorzi, an undergraduate psychology student at Saint Vincent College, the academic home of the Fred Rogers Center. Abbey was in my Child Development class in the fall of 2014. In her class essays, she relayed tidbits of her powerful personal story about addiction and...

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