Author: Hedda Sharapan

A Love of Learning

I’ve always felt good about calling this newsletter “What we can continue to learn from Fred Rogers.” And it’s been especially heartwarming to hear from so many of our readers that you, too, appreciate learning from the way Fred approached children, families, the world, and life in general. I was thinking of that because March 20th would have been Fred’s 89th...

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35mm color film negative; folder 02-05, neg sleeve 125053-3C30, neg 32; Life Magazine shoot: Dominoes. Close-up of Fred Rogers' sneakers behind a collapsed domino design of a rainbow on the set of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.

Creation Station

I recently talked with a teacher who was excited about a new learning center that she set up for the children. She called it the “Creation Station” and stocked it with donations from families of recyclable “stuff,” like boxes, egg cartons, packing material, plastic containers, and paper towel tubes. With the addition of things like tape and markers, all the...

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A Musical Holiday Gift

With the approaching holidays, I’ve been thinking about some of the gifts that Fred has given us over the years. His messages were about things that were important to young children, but they were also important to Fred personally -- appreciating others, connecting with family and friends, and enjoying music. And I remembered a Neighborhood program when those messages came...

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Feeding the Fish–A Special Kind of Daily Routine

We all know how important daily routines are in child care. But I’ve come to find out that some routines have a special significance for children. Knowing the value of routines, Fred filled his Neighborhood program with so many of them – from the opening, coming through the door with his song, followed by his sweater and sneakers routine, introducing Make-Believe...

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Inspiring Us to Be Playful with Art

I just came back from the Professional Development Institute of NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children). What a great place to learn new ideas, have some “old” ideas confirmed, and connect with new friends and old friends! And sometimes, if you’re lucky, you come away from a session being so inspired by someone that you want to...

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