October 2018

New Beginnings

Mid-Autumn marks the traditional time of celebrating harvests around the world. For weeks and months now, each of us at the Center has been struck by the way Fred’s legacy has borne fruit more than half a century after it had begun. Along with our “older sibling,” Fred Rogers Productions, we have supported the development of the documentary “Won’t...

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Three Children’s Apps Fred Rogers Might Appreciate

Back in 1968, Fred Rogers started a challenging career in television to “make goodness attractive.” That was back when televisions were the size of washing machines, and you could count the number of children’s television programs on one hand. Although the children’s media landscape has changed dramatically, Fred Rogers’ values have not. In my study of children’s apps, I’ve found that Fred’s...

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Give It A Try

I’ve heard elementary school teachers say that one of the most important qualities that children need to succeed in school is the willingness to take risks. They’re talking about “safe risks,” like the willingness to offer ideas in class discussions, ask questions, try new things, or tackle problems that seem challenging. No wonder that’s important! You probably know some children who...

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