September 2016

Staying Connected September 2016

Welcome back to the Fred Rogers Center Newsletter as we return from our summer hiatus. Over the past two weeks the Center has been abuzz, welcoming more than 100 students for course work, research, and scholarship opportunities. It was a busy summer with many opportunities to connect with providers and policy makers. Dr. Junlei Li provided the plenary speech at the 2016...

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STEAM for All Ages, even infants and toddlers!

I recently had a great opportunity to watch a scientist at work. She was studying an empty plastic water bottle, turning it over and over, staring at it, squeezing it – and then she let it drop from her highchair, studying the effect of gravity. And yes, she was just 11 months old! [q_button type='transparent_button' size='medium' text='View the PDF' icon_pack='font_awesome' fa_icon='' fe_icon=''...

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