February 2014

Cellist Yo-Yo Ma to receive Fred Rogers Legacy Award

Internationally-acclaimed cellist Yo-Yo Ma will be honored as the inaugural recipient of the Fred Rogers Legacy Award and give a recital to benefit the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media on Friday, May 23, at Saint Vincent College. Ma, who appeared twice with Fred Rogers on Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and became a lifelong friend of the late public television legend, was...

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How Am I Doing? A Checklist for Identifying Exemplary Uses of Technology for Early Learning

Do technology tools and interactive media like iPads, cameras, or e-readers, belong in the early childhood classroom? If so, how should early childhood educators be using them? What are the best ways and when are the best times to use technology with very young kids in a classroom setting? The NAEYC-Fred Rogers Center position statement is meant to help educators answer...

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Ten Questions for Educators to Ask When Using Technology with Young Children

Do technology tools and interactive media like iPads, cameras, or e-readers, belong in the early childhood classroom? If so, how should educators be using them? At the Fred Rogers Center, we believe technology and interactive media do have the potential to help children learn in the early years, but only if they are used in intentional, developmentally appropriate ways. Here are...

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Rogers Center apps featured on “The Digital Media Diet”

Greetings from the Gloop family and the Fred Rogers Center!  Alien Assignment is a fun game that encourages problem solving and discovery. The Gloop family’s spaceship has crashed and they need your help to repair their spaceship! Take pictures of your world to help the spaceship computer remember how to fix the ship and fly this lovable family of aliens...

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Technology and Family Life

“How do you handle screen time—iPads, iPhones, computers—with your kids? Do you have rules?” The 92 Street Y posed this question to readers on Facebook in preparation for its recent conference on parenting. I know many of you probably do have rules, and if you’re reading our blog, you have probably thought about this quite a bit before. That technology is...

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Planet of the Apps

I’m beginning to see evidence that we have evolved into the Planet of the Apps. Technology is controlling human communication, with the dominant species tweeting, twittering, texting, and taking and sending photos and videos with Instagram instead of conversing and cuddling. This is especially true for young children. I did find it disconcerting to have my 13-month-old granddaughter come over to...

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Staying Connected: February 2014

The deeply covered, snowy hills out my window make it hard to imagine that spring is coming soon. But it is, along with two major events for the Fred Rogers Center. On the evening of May 23, we will host the inaugural Fred Rogers Legacy Award. The Fred Rogers Legacy Award honors persons who have creatively advanced the legacy of Fred...

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